Welcome to Time Turner Thursdays a special feature of Hogwarts Radio that revisits some of our more popular episodes over the past 10 years. Episode 128 was released on, April 6th, 2013 and features a few guests from our friends over at MuggleNet’s Alohomora! Podcast.

The group discusses a variety of news stories and pays tribute to the passing of Richard Griffiths. Kat and Eric beta test Pottermore’s Playstation Network game, and talk about the possibility of this being the first open world experience for fans of the series.

Also, the panel breaks down, in depth, differences between hexes, charms, jinxes, spells, and curses. What are some of our favorites? Tune in to find out!

We hope you have as much fun relistening and revisiting some of these older episodes as we had recording them. Thank you for your continued support of our podcast.