Welcome to Time Turner Thursdays a special feature of Hogwarts Radio that revisits some of our more popular episodes over the past 10 years. Episode 43 was released on April 8, 2010 and covers a wide variety of topics such as the big fire on set of Deathly Hallows Part 2 filming, Bloomsbury re-publishing the book series with all new artwork, a total review of the WWoHP theme park before it even opened and much more! Jeff shares the story of his lost cell phone on a ride at Universal Studios and the staff closing down the ride for more than 3 hours to retrieve it. Finally, the panel talks about how everything has stopped for Harry Potter. Although this episode was released almost 9 years ago, it remains one of our favorites! We hope you enjoy, and thank you for listening!

Hosts: Terrance Pinkston, Jr., Greyson Smith, Jeremy Baril, Jeff Guillaume, and Eric Scull.

  • Fire on the HP set! Was it as bad as what was reported?
  • Bloomsbury republishes the series complete with new artwork, is it too soon?
  • What would happen if Fawkes caught on fire, mid-flight?
  • Can we expect a revamp coming from Scholastic?
  • Wizard Wrock features Wands Up, a Tik Tok parody by Laurel P.
  • Jeff and Eric give us a thourough review of the theme park
  • And Jeff gives us a rundown of the food we can expect
  • Eric loves the fish and gets more than he can bargain for
  • Jeff loses more than his lunch on one of the rides. His iPhone!
  • The ride is closed for more than three hours as crews work tirelessly to retrieve it.
  • “Everything has stopped to let Harry Potter happen. Everyone got out of the way, Disney, Busch Gardens…”
  • Hogwarts rave music takes over the second wrock break
  • Riddles for the HP know it all
  • “Wrong name” game actually reveals there are 50 Harry Potter books, and that Professor Flitwick is the real Half-Pint [Prince]!
  • Counting down to episode 50: Funniest moments in HR history