• It’s time for episode 237! Join Terrance, Bailey, and Gretchen as they discuss some adorable news and look into a Penseive to remember their first times reading Harry Potter
  • Where would the hosts hide their Horcruxes? Maybe we shouldn’t tell…
  • Shoutouts: Have a Biscuit, Potter & Accio Politics Podcasts
  • Owl Post: Does Gretchen really sound like Jenna Fischer?
  • In the News: Emma Watson may co-star in the Black Widow movie, Asmodee is launching Harry Potter Dobble, a Niffler was lost on the London railway, and an MIT student has created a Sorting Hat that will read your mind!
  • Announcements: We are loving the Time Turner Thursdays. We will be able to release them more frequently if we reach our next Patron goal! www.Patreon.com/HogwartsRadio
  • Discussion: What was it like to read the Potter books in the early 2000s?
  • The hosts play a round of Avada Kedavra, Amortentia, Imperio.
  • We wrap up this episode with some Magical Memories.
  • Join us next week for episode 238!
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