• Episode 210 is here! Join Terrance, Bailey, Luke, and Gretchen as they discuss Potter reunions, Sirius Black, and more!
  • Bailey found mystery wands at Walmart. Have you seen them? Did you get one?
  • Luke listened to The Whomping Willows “1975” this week. Send your Wizard Rock Recommendations to @Lukaferocious and @HogwartsRadio on Twitter with #WROCKList for suggestions on what he should listen to next week! Check out Luke’s ‘Hogwarts Radio WROCK’ Spotify Playlist each week to listen along! https://open.spotify.com/user/1223097650?si=hZ32bfg-QLm8VyMXgHRZOg
  • Tom Felton tried to convert Matt Lewis to Slytherin and it was wonderful. Bonnie Wright, Katie Leung, and Afshan Azad reunite for Afshan’s wedding!
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  • We share listener reactions to Sirius Black. Tweet us your thoughts at @HogwartsRadio.
  • We discuss Sirius Black’s relationships. What was his relationship with Lupin? Did he have a good relationship with Harry? What’s up with his wisdom about seeing how a man treats his inferiors when he treats Kreacher terribly?
  • The hosts play Questions Only and Celebrity Sorting Hat.
  • That does it for episode 210! Join us next time for episode 211!
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