• Episode 202 is here! Get ready for some new segments and awesome announcements!
  • Would you read a stand-alone Voldemort book? Been there, done that, or exciting new information?
  • Luke’s Wrock introduction continues with a listen to Harry and the Potters self-titled album from 2003. Check out our Hogwarts Radio Wrock Playlist and let us know what Luke should listen to next week! https://open.spotify.com/user/1223097650/playlist/0XIQEq0DNsmewPQxUgeK7y
  • In the news: Mattel is releasing Harry Potter dolls, a woman made over £56,000 by selling her first edition, Hogwarts Mystery has made $40 million, CoS House editions are released, and Cursed Child is headed to Germany!
  • Today’s episode brought to you by Patreon producer Tammy! Head over to Patreon.com/HogwartsRadio to become a producer and see the other cool stuff we have.
  • Also in Patreon news, this week we released the FIRST episode of our new Hog’s Head Radio. Exclusive to Patrons, our Hog’s Head Radio is a casual and fun chat with the hosts discussing otherwise unheard topics as we enjoy a drink in the Hog’s Head Pub. This week: What was your favorite theory to consider while the books were still being released?
  • Our main discussion: Did Harry deserved to be punished by Umbridge? It’s Terrance and Gretchen versus Bailey and Luke. Let us know who you think won by tweeting @HogwartsRadio! Your votes will decide!
  • This or That returns with some very scary choices.
  • Our new segment, DEAR SMARMY LUKEHART, begins! Send us your letters to [email protected] and Smarmy Lukehart will answer all your problems on air.
  • Be sure to check out our hosts on the internets!
    • Terrance: @Terranceus on Twitter and Instagram
    • Bailey: @RiddleWrites on Twitter, @RiddlesReviews on Instagram; RiddlesReviews.com
    • Luke: www.thepodcastthat.com. @thepodcastthat, @notnamedpodcast, @nomugglespod, @knowanddrink, @floatsdownhere, @lukaferocious
    • Gretchen: @gretchasketcha on Twitter and Instagram
  • Tune in next week for episode 203, and head over to Patreon now for the first episode of Hog’s Head Radio!
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