• We present to you, the 200th edition of our Harry Potter podcast!
  • How many of you knew there was an architect of Hogwarts?
  • We have NEW ALBUM ART! 
  • Special thank you and shout-out to Lucas Rosen for the design!
  • The BIGGEST ANNOUNCEMENT in the history of our podcast: Hogwarts Radio is now on Patreon!
  • What are the benefits and how can you unlock them?
  • Special guest Heidi Tandy joins us to discuss Warner Bros. sending cease and desist letters to Harry Potter fan festivals
  • How are these festivals encroaching on trademark?
  • What is fair use?
  • Is Warner Bros overreaching?
  • 15 years since OOtP hit bookstores! We relive some of our experiences of the midnight releases.
  • It’s also been 8 years since the WWoHP theme park opened, we share some opening day experiences
  • Did Snape really die? A fan theory blows the text wide open!
  • Smells of Hogwarts series Part 1
  • A very special voicemail from a very special person…
  • This or That wraps up the show
  • BONUS HOGWARTS RADIO over on Patreon right now!
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