Hogwarts Radio #155: A ‘Fantastic’ Announcement

Earlier today we learned that Warner Bros. has MAJOR plans to split the new ‘Fantastic Beasts’ adaptation into three films! What was the reason behind this? How was the news released? What did Warner

Second Robert Galbraith book coming out this summer

There has recently been flurry of news about Robert Galbraith, J.K. Rowling’s no longer secret pseudonym, and additional books about the Cormoran Strike character. The Robert Galbraith website has announced that another book called The Silkworm will

Complete J.K. Rowling interview about Hermione and Ron relationship now available

The February/March edition of the Wonderland magazine containing the interview between J.K. Rowling and Emma Watson went on sale today. The Sunday Times article about the interview with its sensationalistic headline spread

Hogwarts Radio #152: ‘Standing By With Traffic…’

It’s our second episode release in less than 24 hours and do we have an episodes worth of Potter news to catch EVERYONE up on! From Gary Oldman in Los Angeles to

J.K. Rowling makes shocking statements about Ron and Hermione relationship

J.K.Rowling was interviewed by Emma Watson as part of her time as guest editor for the February/March edition of Wonderland magazine. The Sunday Times was given access to the interview and is

New Gilderoy Lockhart audio clips now available on Pottermore

The Pottermore Insider, the official blog of Pottermore, has announced in a new post that three new audio clips by J.K. Rowling about Gilderoy Lockhart have been added to Pottermore. These audio

New detailed info about ‘Diagon Alley’ expansion revealed

Universal Orlando aired their live webcast earlier today where they shared many new details about The Wizarding  World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley. Though no video of the webcast is available,

‘A Celebration of Harry Potter’ schedule and actors confirmed

A schedule of A Celebration of Harry Potter event happening during Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday was recently released by Universal Orlando. These panels will include individuals that work in various areas

New installment of ‘Goblet of Fire’ available on Pottermore

A new post has been published on the Pottermore Insider, the official blog of Pottermore, informing users that the next installment of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is now available.

‘A Celebration of Harry Potter’ attendees will preview upcoming Pottermore entry

The Pottermore Insider, the official blog of Pottermore, has announced that individuals attending A Celebration of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando on January 24-26 will have exclusive access to an audio clip from