• Welcome to episode 242!
  • The hosts had a blast with the hosts of The Podcast That Drinks and Knows last episode. Winter is here.
  • In the News: WB is freaking out, New Zealanders have a chance at the beta of Wizards Unite, book burnings, Potter weddings, world records, and Hagrid’s magical creatures!
  • Shout Out to @uplifttogether for their charity work and @parillaworks for his incredible Deathly Hallows engagement ring boxes!
  • Announcements: We are 3 patrons away from our next goal, which would treat you all to a CoS commentary and an AMA. Patrons have access to our special Into the Common Room episodes.
  • Leave us a review on iTunes, check out host Tylor’s new @MeetingWaltPod, and follow @adimensioncomic.
  • Discussion: What would be your go-to spell? Whose perspective would you like to read the books from? The Santa Clause?
  • That’s it for episode 242. We’ll see you next week for episode 243!
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