• Episode 240 is here and so are we! Join Terrance, Bailey, and Alex as they jump into the studio for another episode!
  • In the news: “Grindelwald” tops DVD sales, Universal Hollywood neighbor pass is back, and Tom Felton talks about the new theme park ride.
  • We hit our next Patreon goal! This means LONGER EPISODES starting with Ep 241!
  • What was the biggest plot twist in the series?
  • Dumbledore is gonna be buuuuuusssssssyyyyyy over the next few movies.
  • We form a NEW THEORY about the Chamber of Secrets and Newt’s involvement with the basilisk!
  • Alex can’t handle the sheer amazingness of the new theory.
  • We will be taking next week off! See you guys in 2 weeks for Ep. 241!
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