• It’s a full panel this week with Terrance, Bailey, Gretchen, Luke and Tylor!
  • This episode kickoffs with some interesting news about Fantastic Beasts 3: Jo has returned to the script. Why?
  • Protego Foundation Update: This month, Potterhead Running Club has chosen Protego as one of its charity partners for their recent virtual 5k – Slug Club Armchair to 5k! Sign up here: http://potterheadrunning.org/
  • In the News: We get a sneak peek at the Hagrid coaster and a release timeframe for Wizards Unite. Alfonso Cuarón wins some Oscars. Vote for the location of the Wizarding Wands display and tweet at us what location we should vote for! @HogwartsRadio https://www.fantasticbeasts.co.uk/#/wandsready
  • Discussion: The hosts answer some questions probably only they are wondering about.
  • We end with a game and some final thoughts. Join us next week for episode 237!
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