• Join Terrance, Bailey, Luke, and Gretchen for episode 232!
  • We are podcasting through the polar vortex! How cold is it where you are?
  • The hosts discuss a strange detail in the Prizoner of Azkaban illustrations and the questionable fashion choices of the Crimes of Grindelwald cast.
  • In the news: the Wizarding World’s new ride gets more photos, Prisoner of Azkaban 20th anniversary editions have been revealed, Fantastic Beasts 1 will air on USA, Cursed Child Hamburg tickets are on sale soon, and Gringotts is coming to the Studio Tour.
  • Announcements: We have chosen new co-host, thank you for your submissions! Join our patrons on Patreon.com, and don’t forget to rate and review us on iTunes. Be sure to check out our Time Turner Thursdays!
  • That’s it for episode 232 – join us next week for episode 233! You Stay Classy, Hogwarts!
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