• Mike from Potterless Podcast joins us! Mike is reading the books for the first time as he records his show. How has he stayed unspoiled? What’s his biggest WTF moment in the books so far? Who’s his favorite character?
  • Luke will be back with a Wrock update next week! Check out his Spotify playlist to see what he’s listening to this week. https://open.spotify.com/user/1223097650/playlist/0XIQEq0DNsmewPQxUgeK7y
  • In the news: HPEF is shutting down after 16 years, Target is celebrating Back to Hogwarts on July 21st, and Primark releases a new Honeydukes line.
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  • Who won the debate from episode 202- did Harry deserve to be punished by Umbridge? https://twitter.com/hogwartsradio/status/1016438738346545158
  • Owl Posts inquire about the Imperius curse and why exactly Voldemort chose Draco as Dumbledore’s would-be killer.
  • We choose the best and worst teachers at Hogwarts, and some answers might surprise you (anyone remember Professor Vector?).
  • This or That becomes Would You Rather, delving into Care of Magical Creatures and the prime time for reading the Potter books.
  • Amortentia, Avada Kedavra, Imperio returns.
  • Don’t forget about our new segment, DEAR SMARMY LUKEHART. Send your letters to [email protected] and Smarmy Lukehart will answer all your problems on air.
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