• Tylor Starr from the Protego Foundation and Chickpeeps podcast joins the panel this week!
  • What current campaigns is The Protego Foundation running?
  • Sign the petition for Vegan Butterbeer!
  • What does Hogwarts smell like?
  • We go over the different common rooms and popular classrooms
  • The hosts agree, the prefect’s bathroom smells like LUSH exploded.
  • Updates to the Forbidden Journey ride in Orlando and Universal leaks a new experience coming this summer.
  • Sean Mendes reveals he is a HUGE Harry Potter fan on Carpool Karaoke
  • Daniel Radcliffe returns to Broadway this fall!
  • Is the power of the resurrection stone real?
  • When Dumbledore was wearing Tom Riddle’s ring, could he see his deceased family?
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