• It’s our second episode in just a few days! We’re back with more Wizarding World and Fantastic Beasts discussion.

  • What a wonderful panel this week Dana from RealFoodWithDana.com is back along with Luke from The Podcast That network, and Erin & Adriana from Accio Politics!

  • A new logo for the Wizarding World is released with the teaser trailer of… the teaser trailer. LOL.

  • We talk about what this means for the brand — refresh or complete rebrand. 

  • Is the removal of J.K. Rowling’s name absolving her of any responsibility?

  • A theory on why Dumbledore can’t face Grindelwald: it solidifies that he is the true master of the elder wand since Albus killed Ariana, but how did she end up as an elder wand master?

  • Our trailer discussion continues with a few points we didn’t make on last episode.

  • Side note: Tom Riddle was born in 1926 which means he is already at the orphanage.

  • Ok, we’ll say it… DUMBLEDORE IS HOT!

  • Why is Dumbledore still getting people to do his own dirty work?

  • Do we see Beauxbatons?

  • Celebrity Social Media reaction to this trailer including some Potter alumni!

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