• Welcome back to another wonderful week!
  • Answer a few quick questions to join our team to get in on all the fun.
  • Lots to discuss as we catch up on the top news stories
  • Kindle in motion releases “Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them”
  • What has Daniel Radcliffe been up to since the end of Potter? 
  • Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery pre-registration opens along with a new trailer! 
  • Many new gameplay examples with some familiar faces.
  • Wrecking Our Loaf makes a return
  • During the final sequence with Voldemort, what is Harry trying to do by telling Riddle to “show some remorse.”
  • This week’s discussion centers around many questions
  • Why not kill Voldemort before destroying his horcruxes to buy some time?
  • What is Dumbledore’s boggart?
  • Are boggarts fatal?
  • Finally, do dark patronuses exist? 
  • Celebrity Sorting Hat brings fandoms together on this episode
  • A few appearances by a certain jedi master
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