• Another month gone by, and boy was it a busy one!
  • What is our favorite spell? 
  • FLIPENDO… juuuuuust kidding!
  • Lots of news to catch up on.
  • Fantastic Beasts 2 title and cast photo is released and we break it down by character.
  • Harry Potter: Wizards Unite AR game is announced and we can hardly contain our excitement!
  • Will it be as successful as Pokemon GO? What can we expect to be doing?
  • J.K. Rowling’s response to the lack of response? 
  • Does this pacify the fans, or is it choosing what is EASY over what is RIGHT… we let you know!
  • Bye bye Harry Potter weekends. 
  • Celebrity House Placement: Jurassic World 2 edition.
  • Our picks of the week and MUCH MORE!
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