Our Approach

Hogwarts Radio brings you analysis of the Wizarding World by bringing in subject matter experts, podcasters, musicians, YouTube artists, and passionate fans -- just like you in a jam packed audio format! Our podcast ventures into various news Potter/Fantastic Beasts stories, theories, and anything else related to the fabulous Wizarding World unlocked by J.K. Rowling's wonderful imagination.

Our Story

We have been talking Potter for more than 10 years with over 300 hours of content that you can find on other areas of our site. Hogwarts Radio is the official podcast of Wizarding News from HPANA and continues to be a source of Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts content for the Harry Potter fandom. We work hard each week to make sure you have the most relevant news stories, discussion, and so much more.

Recently, we have incorporated guest hosts into our line up to keep the show fresh, and more importantly, to make new friends! Our story is still being written, and we are so excited to have YOU become a part of it!

Meet the Team

The voices behind the microphone.


Terrance Pinkston

Lead Host and Executive Producer

"You have to be burning with an idea, or a problem, or a wrong that you want to right. If you're not passionate enough from the start, you'll never stick it out."


Bailey Riddle


"It's fine to just live in the now, but the best part about now is that there's another one tomorrow."


Luke Hogan


"I've read Harry Potter before."


Gretchen Roesch


"I didn't send in my picture."

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