Our Hosts


 Terrance Pinkston Jr.

 Terrance is 29 years old, and the lead host of  Hogwarts Radio. He hales  from San Antonio, Texas and is a jack  of all trades! You might see him on twitter, commanding some of  the most notable accounts in the Harry Potter fandom, posting  content for MuggleNet Memes, and managing MuggleNet’s different  social media accounts. In addition, he runs PotterMash, and Big  Bang Mash. When he’s not hard at work, he loves to relax with  friends and family. Follow and keep up with all his shenanigans  over on  Twitter by his handle @Terranceus.


Greyson Smith

Greyson is a 21 year old college  student out  of  Colorado Springs, Colorado. He IS the original bad  boy of the show. Sort of like AJ in  the Backstreet Boys. That bad ass  guy with all the tattoos. He likes to rebel rouse and his  favorite  past-time is giving Terrance a hard time for kicks and giggles. He’s  a movie  fanatic, and enjoy’s editing video/audio, recording with  the people who live in his computer, and spending time with his  wife. You can follow him on Twitter here  @GreysonOG.




 Eric Scull

 Eric is a 25 year old fountain of knowledge out of Chicago,  Illinois! When he’s not  ranting and raving about something or  another, he’s living it up on Facebook. One of  the  most interesting  people you will ever meet, Eric is one of a kind! He’s a great  person,  and  never fails to liven up the show with his humor and knowledge!  You can  follow him on  Twitter here: @Spielerman.




Rebecca Schroeder

Becca is a 25 year old Wrock FANATIC out of New  Hudson, Michigan. She’s  absolutely  in love with the HP fandom  and everything that it encompasses, and is doing everything  in her  power to experience as much as possible. When she’s not working  at Pac  Sun,  she’s taking on one too many projects. Her wittiness  keeps the hosts in line during the  show, mostly disagreeing with  Terrance. Sleep? What’s that? Stalk her on Twitter    here @Becca_Schroeder.





 Mary Smith

 Mary is a 26 year old Harry Potter nerd living in Colorado  Springs, Colorado.  She has  a bachelor’s degree in Deaf Studies and  is currently working as a Sign  Language  Interpreter. She loves  dancing, laughing, and of course, talking (especially  when it    involves going on rants and being proved right). When she’s not off  being  made of  awesome, she’s producing and recording Hogwarts  Radio. Her quick wit,  thorough  knowledge, and humor make her a  self-proclaimed “hoot.” A Ravenclaw  through and through, you can  follow her on Twitter via @MaryCurly.



Marissa Reynolds

Marissa is a 22 year old Chemistry Ph.D. candidate at  the University of Arkansas.  WOO  PIG SOOIE!! She is a sweet tea  drinking, heart blessing, drawl speaking  southerner with  a passion  for crafting, being outdoors, and of course Potter. Being an  optimist  and a  chemist  makes this Ravenclaw see the glass as completely  full in the  liquid and gaseous  states of matter.  Always trying to see  life from a different  perspective, some of her  ideas may be out there,  but she  means well. She’s one of  those people trying to make  the  world a better place one smile and  research project at  a time. Her  twitter handle is  @MarissaKayle.





 Jeanna Marie





Adam Bromberg







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 Kristen Keys

Kristen is a 24 year old Ravenclaw living it up in RVA (Richmond, VA). She  enjoys    anything related to Potter, Star Wars, or Disney as well as many other  fandoms. Her other passion is working with kids who have disabilities. Right now, she is  an ABA therapist for children on the Autism spectrum. She graduated from VCU with  her B.S. in Psychology. Her Twitter handle is @Siriusnerd007







Previous Hosts/Guests that are always welcome on the show

Andy Gathman

Jeremy Baril

Jennifer Porche

Geoff Buchannan

Travis Prinzi

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